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AFG offers clients comprehensive electricity refund recovery and electricity supply contract procurement consulting to reduce costs.

AFG offers the following energy consulting services:

  • Electricity supply overpayment refund recovery contract procurement
  • Energy supply procurement
  • Develop unique electricity supply proposal cost analysis models for comparison of all types of Retail Electric Supplier proposed contract offers
  • Negotiate electricity and gas contracts for commercial buildings and manufacturers in ComEd's service area.


Electricity Billing Refund Recovery Services:

  • Analyze existing contracts & invoices & confirm all terms were applied properly
  • Confirm all consumption was metered properly using our proprietary technique
  • Submit all documents & work with supplier to obtain recovery of overcharges
  • Work with service providers needed to repair or replace defective facilities
  • Defeat or reduce back charge claims for unbilled service (meter multiplier error, etc.)



Electricity Supply Contract Procurement:

  • Gather a full understanding of our client’s present and future needs and objectives related to electric costs, utilize past experience and transfer this into the appropriate business actions to reduce and control electric costs
  • Monitor forward prices to determine best time to lock in rates
  • Provide Electricity Supply Contract Procurement services to ensure that all options are investigated and the most appropriate solution is implemented
  • Develop value-added options by applying our knowledge of the Energy Industry to recommend the most appropriate client solutions
  • Negotiate the Best Available Contract Terms with Retail Electric Supplier



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