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"I have known Terry for a long time and have worked with him on several different projects through different companies that I have worked for... Each and every time, Terry has demonstrated exceptional focus and given terrific direction so that projects are completed on time and with all parties extremely satisfied with the finished product. I enjoy working with clients like Terry, he makes my job fun, easy and a pleasure. Terry would be an asset to any company or team."

Robin Pyrchalla, LEED AP

Beary Landscaping



"Terry is an ideal client to work with because of his management style. Terry is demanding but fair... He is quick to praise quality work and is open to new or different methods to achieve the desired end result. Terry is a strong partner to work with."

Bob Limbach

Vice President at JaniKing of Illinois



"Terry has always demonstrated excellent understanding of how to serve customers and has the focus and vision to drive results. his ability to provide structure to information and process makes him a tremendous asset to those around him."

John Sharp

President and Co-Founder at Luceris



"Terry is a fantastic person to work with. He is a detail oriented, hands on let's-get-this-done type of person. Appreciated by his peers.. and someone whom others seek when they have a facility process related question. I look forward to working with Terry in the future."

Rich Knox

Manager Commercial Relocation & Sales at Ace Relocation Systems



"(Terry) is an energetic team player and idea guy! Always great ideas to share about cost containment and maintaining building standards. What I admire about Terry is that he looks at a problem with a fresh eye and tackles it with a novel approach that most people don't think of. I have many "a-ha" moments with Terry! When we need to tackle a project, Terry always has a solution!"

Jan Wemple

Moore Landscapes Chicago



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