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Why You Should Start Shopping For The Best Customer Service Experience and Worry Less About Quality

Richard Anderson - Friday, November 27, 2015

In short, if you choose a company that prides itself on providing world-class service each and every time they service your account, the quality of their service will take care of itself. No company that prides itself on this level of customer service would think about providing anything less than the highest level of quality service. It's a win-win.

Too often, managers are so focused on finding the most qualified company they lose sight of the companies that provide the best overall customer service experience. Many companies provide quality service but lack prompt initial contact and timely follow up. How often do you find yourself contacting the "qualified" company repeatedly, wasting time better spent on other more pressing items, just to get one small project completed? Companies that value positive customer experiences make sure they keep their customers in the loop every step of the way, including follow up once the project is complete. If you find yourself hiring a qualified company that lacks customer service and follow up, it may be time for a change.


Here are 3 key factors to look for when hiring a company based on their level of customer service:


1. Does the company put expectations in writing? Always look for a company that will detail what you can expect when you hire them. Companies that are vague or do not provide details are typically unprepared to handle your business.


2. What is the company's response time? Companies all too often take their customers for granted and expect that since they provide quality service the customer will overlook their lack of attention to details such as prompt initial contact or timely follow up. Remember, a company that excels at the details will most likely excel in all areas of their business.


3. Is the company you hired a partner in your business or a company for hire? If the company you hire only responds when you call them, they are not doing enough to earn your business. 


They take your business for granted. A company that excels at the details and contacts you without being prompted is always looking for ways to take projects off your plate and increase their value to your company. These companies are partners in your business. What could you do with the time saved by not having to follow up and chase a company for updates? Didn't you hire them to reduce your stress level and ease your work load? If they don't value your business, it's time for a change.


Finding a company that takes care of the details, keeps you informed at every turn and provides a quality service is invaluable to any manager. Look for these companies and hire them repeatedly.


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