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Provide facilities management and operations solutions through insight, knowledge, expertise, teamwork and valuable industry relationships utilizing a network of outstanding internal and external strategic partners and alliances.

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Anderson Facilities Group (“AFG”) was created to serve the needs of facilities professionals across multiple industries. AFG strives to provide their clients the best value, proven products, qualified vendors, outstanding service and competitive pricing. AFG believes in delivering outstanding value to its clients, and in doing so, both AFG and its client will be rewarded for that value.

AFG delivers both products and service through three district channels. AFG Consulting Solutions offers clients proven solutions to the complex challenges facilities professionals face each day. From Facilities Management to Corporate and Office Services, AFG designs programs to effectively drive its clients’ growth and bottom line.

AFG Surface Solutions provides the facilities professional with an array of products and services to revitalize, protect, restore and enhance the safety of most every surface imaginable.

AFG Building Solutions takes the meaning of “partnership” to a new level. Through a network of both internal and external strategic partners, alliances and outstanding Facilities Partners, AFG delivers insight, action, cost management, quality, excellence and results to its clients.

For companies looking to consolidate the number of vendors they communicate with on a daily basis, AFG is the choice for single source building solutions. With a simple email to, AFG clients can request a variety of services at any of their locations within their contracted service area. Whether it is a ballast needing replaced, a backed up toilet or a planned store remodel, you can trust AFG to take the worry out of repair and maintenance.

AFG has designed its Consulting, Surface and Building Solutions to meet the needs of growing companies by supplying proven solutions to help minimize the burdens of their facilities management team.

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